Let’s face it: we can all do better, we can all BE better. So, why aren’t we? Before founding Perseverance Strength and Conditioning in 2014, Pablo and Brian contemplated this exact question. To answer it, they started by looking at their own lives and experiences and one word stood out; discomfort.

Discomfort is a word with a bad reputation, and many people see it as something to avoid. Do you know the literal meaning of the word? Discomfort broken into its root words simply means, “Not With Strength”. This means, when discomfort arises it is signaling us that we are being challenged in an area where we are not strong yet. So, what would happen if we pushed through the discomfort instead of avoiding it?

The answer: We Get Stronger!

Take exercise for example. When we exercise we are putting our bodies through physical discomfort because we know the harder we push, the stronger we will get. Building strength in any other area of life happens the same way. You face a challenge, you push through it, and boom, you get a little bit stronger each time. By the way, this process of facing a challenge and choosing to fight through it, that’s called perseverance.

This company was founded because we are passionate about equipping people to face, fight, and persevere through challenge. The concept of perseverance is particularly impactful when young adults are taught to understand it while they are still in high school. So, as they continue to progress into adulthood and experience the struggles of life, they will know how to use their discomfort to grow and be their best self every day.